background - use medication as directed

Use Medication as Directed

Learning how to use medications safely
can keep you and your family safe.

How can I improve my medication safety?

safe storage of medicationssafe storage of medications with young children

Store Medication Away from
Curious Hands

Locking or safely storing your medications
can keep your medications out of
the wrong hands.

How can I store
more safely?

Medication drop boxes at local police stations

Safe Disposal is Easy

Medication drop-boxes in many towns are easy
and environmentally safe places to dispose of
medications when you no longer need them.

Where can I find a medication drop-box?

medications can pollute waterprotect our rivers and streams

Using Drop-Boxes Preserves Water Quality

Putting your unused meds in
a drop-box protects water quality
for our children and grandchildren.

Read more about
Environmental Impact/
Water Quality

Safe Use

practice safe use of medicine with children

When used as directed, medications help you heal from illnesses and injury. They are also dangerous chemicals, and when shared with others, mixed with alcohol or other drugs, or combined with other medicine, can cause serious harm. Read more…

Safe Storage

safe storage of medication is important

Medications are powerful chemicals, and should be treated with care. When safely stored, they pose less danger to curious children, are less likely to be stolen by risk-taking teens, are less likely to be a target for theft, and are less likely to be taken by mistake. Read more…

Safe Disposal

practice safe disposal of medications

Our community is creating easy ways for you to safely dispose of unused medications at medication drop-boxes at local police stations.  Help us reduce damage to the environment while keeping medications from being stolen or used by accident.  Drop It! for safety and water quality. Read more…

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