Safe Disposal

Prescription Medication Drop Boxes in Your CommunityOur community is creating easy ways for you to safely dispose of unused medications at medication drop-boxes at local police stations.  Help us reduce damage to the environment while keeping medications from being stolen or used by accident.  Drop It! for safety and water quality.

Medication Drop Boxes in Your Community

  • Drop boxes are available at many local police stations.  You can drop medications with no questions asked during times when the station entrance is open. View a map of medication drop box locations. View a written list of medication drop box locations.
  • Keep medications in their original container.
  • Scratch out, remove, or blacken labels with personal information.
  • Drop medications anytime the police station is open.  No questions asked.  You are doing your local police a favor!
  • Some police departments will pick up medications at home if you can’t travel.  Call your local police to see if this is an option.
  • Drop meds at least once every month – keep your home clear of unused medications to prevent accidents!

Medication Disposal at Community Take-Back / Hazardous Waste Collections:

  • Medications can be disposed of at Community Take-Back / Hazardous Waste events.  Dates and times of these events are posted at UVLSRPC hazardous waste collection schedule.
  • Follow the same tips as for Medication Drop Boxes, above.

What About Flushing, Burying, and Putting Medications in the Trash?

  • Most medications dissolve in water and can wind up in our waterways.  To protect water quality, we discourage flushing, burying, or disposing of medications in the trash.  Medication drop boxes are easy, nearby, and are the best means to protect safety and water quality.
  • If you cannot arrange to use a medication drop box to dispose of your medications, you can review information from New Hampshire and Vermont that provides specific instructions for other disposal methods.

Pharmacy Take-Back Programs

A few pharmacies offer a modest-cost mailer that you can fill with unused medications and mail to a disposal site. Ask at your pharmacy about whether they offer this option.

What medications can and can’t be disposed of in drop-boxes?

Can Drop
Prescription and over the counter pills
Prescription patches
Prescription ointments
Over-the-counter pills
Pet medication pills

Can’t Drop

For needles/sharps disposal or exchange, contact:
HIV/HCV Resource Center: 603-448-8887
About Safe Disposal of needles/sharps

What Happens to Meds Dropped in a Drop Box?


Dropped medications are brought by police to a high-temperature furnace and incinerated.  This is the most environmentally appropriate way to dispose of medications.