Safe Storage

child reaching in medicine cabinetMedications are powerful chemicals, and should be treated with care. When safely stored, they pose less danger to curious children, are less likely to be stolen by risk-taking teens, are less likely to be a target for theft, and are less likely to be taken by mistake.

  • Take medicines OUT of the bathroom cabinet and secure them in a place only you know about.
  • Store your medications OUT OF VIEW and REACH of young children, family, and guests.
  • Keep medicines in a LOCKED box or a private cabinet your teen or their friends cannot easily access.
  • Keep prescriptions in the ORIGINAL container with a LABEL and the child-resistant cap SECURED.
  • KEEP AN EYE on how many pills you have, so you are quickly aware if any are missing.
  • Dispose of your unused medications often and properly.

How Can I Safely Store My Medicines?

Where Can I Dispose of Medications?

Why practice safe storage?

  • Between 5% and 12% of Windsor, Sullivan, and Grafton County teens say they used medications in the last 30 days without a prescription.
  • 4 of 10 teens think that using medications without a prescription is not dangerous.
  • VT students who report using non-prescribed medications also reported higher rates of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use.
  • Medication lock boxes can be purchased for $20+/-, and you can often find them at drug stores near where you live.