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Get Help for prescription medication dependence

Many common pain medicines like Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin can cause you to want to keep taking the medication for reasons other than pain relief. Ask your doctor whether your pain medications can cause dependence and how you can most safely use these medications, and call them if:

  • You are taking more pills or taking them more often than prescribed.
  • You continue using your meds even after your condition is improved.
  • Someone else is worried about you.
  • You are not entirely truthful about your pain.

Your doctor is your ally in helping you safely use and to stop using medications to which your body can become dependent. They can also help you assess if your medication use has become an addiction that needs additional treatment.

Treatment Works:  Recovery is Possible

Consumers Guide to Substance Use Treatment

The Consumer’s Guide to Substance Use Treatment can help you find a treatment provider near you to help you recover from addiction to pain medications, alcohol, marijuana, heroin, and other substances.

Download The Consumer’s Guide to Substance Use Treatment (PDF file)