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Alex: A Story of Recovery

Alex: A Story of Recovery View the YouTube video produced by Check The Stats NH, a campaign by the Partnership for a Drug Free New Hampshire to increase awareness of drug and alcohol use by New Hampshires’ children.

Tips for Talking to your Child About Medications

Whether you’re a parent, relative or mentor to a child, there are going to be times when you need help discussing issues both big and small about drugs and alcohol. That’s why we think you will find this Parent Talk Kit helpful. With ideas on how to start talking, scripts on what to say, and […]

What Type of Medications Can I Drop Off

What medications can and can’t be disposed of in drop-boxes? Here is a short list of items you can and cannot drop in our Medication Drop Boxes. Visit our Safe Disposal page for more information. YOU CAN DROP: Prescription and over the counter pills Prescription patches Prescription ointments Over-the-counter pills Vitamins Pet medication pills YOU […]

Information for Caregivers and the Elderly

Medications play an expanding role in health care as we grow older. People are more likely to develop one or more chronic illnesses with advancing age, and appropriate medication can help seniors live longer and more active lives. However, medication use in older adults is also more likely to be associated with safety concerns. In […]